Pet Sitting

Our Pet Care Specialists are

Insured & Registered

Each employee at Pink Paws Pet Care has gone through an extensive interview process, received proper training, and is insured through Pet Sitters Associates!

What's Included for each service?

Client & Pet Profile

GPS Tracking


Report Card

Picture Updates

Meal Preparation 

Refresh Water

Snacks and Treats


Administer Medication

Field Trips

House Cleaning

Clean Litter

Change Bedding

Extended Walk

Bath Time

Facetime/Skype Calls
Light Training

Bring In Mail

Water Plants

Take Trash Out

Alter Lights

Alter Thermostat


sitters will be introduced to you and your pets

schedule and pay online

receive "repawt" cards and photo updates


at your fingertips

Service Details

Preparing meals

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


We'll stick to your routine! All of their meals will be served the exact same way and at the exact same time as always.


We will also cook healthy, wholesome meals from scratch if requested!

Refreshing water

Your pet will never see a low water bowl.


We refresh water often by pouring out the existing water and refilling their bowl; Often wiping out the bowl or giving it a quick wash before it is filled again.


We make sure that your pet is rewarded for being as good as they are by giving them treats.

Per your instructions, and their diet, we will provide snacks that are healthy and delicious!

Changing litter

No stinky messes left behind!

Changing bedding

Your pet will always be warm and comfy!

Home cleanup and care

You shouldn't have to come home to a dirty home and dying plants, and we assure that you never will! 


We take care of all the pickup, pet messes and accidents, front yard/backyard scooping, watering the plants, taking out the garbage, cleaning out crates and cages...

(Includes wiping down kitchen counters, fluffing pillows, straightening up the living space, sweeping, dusting, and even vacuuming!)


No matter the mess, it will be cleaned. You'll think your pet was on his or her best behavior, and it'll almost be as if we were never there!

Constant companionship

During our stay, your pet will never feel alone. We spend our time not only taking care of business, but talking to your pet and giving them countless pets and cuddles! 


The benefit of in-home pet care is your ball of love will feel much more happy and secure. We extend that feeling with letting them know that, even though you're away, they are loved and cherished!


Administering medications

We are experienced when it comes to caring for senior animals (mainly cats and dogs), and have administered all sorts of medications - including oral, subcutaneous fluids, and suppositories.



No two dogs are the same - and no two should be treated the same! Which is why we personally develop a walking routine that best suits your pup!


We take notice of your dog's breed, age, personality, and overall health in order to create a unique walk suited just for your dog.
(The more vigorous and energetic the dog, the walk will be brisker and we will cover more ground).

Repawt Card

At the end of our visit, you will receive a "Repawt" Card that showcases your pet and includes notes, praises, and pictures!

Light training

Have you ever wanted your dog to sit, stay, or paw, but have never had any time to devote to the training process?


During our stay, we will work with your pup on any trick in the book!


* We cannot guarantee results.

Bath time

Your pet will be bathed and groomed after a trip to the park, beach or prior to your arrival home.


Our clients hire us for our exceptional professionalism and peace-of-mind. Whether on a walk, at the vet, or on a field trip, you will have the option of knowing where we are and what we are doing every step of the way. 

We keep you updated using GPS tracking throughout our time with your lovable companion!


Facetime / Skype

Set a time to have some one-on-one time with your pet, or give us a ring anytime to see how they're doing. Unless we have our hands full, we will answer every time!


Photo Updates

We will send you many photos and updates as much, or as little, as you like.



While on walks

We keep track of our entire walk with your dog using GPS tracking and will send you a detailed map showing you a step-by-step image of the route taken!

Check out what the map looks like here!



After every visit, you'll receive images of your pet and a personal step-by-step summary of what we did and when we did it!


Errands & appointments

All errands and appointments for your pet are free of charge!



Note: Only qualifies if we are at your residence during tthe appointment time, and your companion has to be at the vet, groomers, trainers, etc. There is an additional Pet Taxi charge otherwise.

Bringing in mail

No need to have your mail pile up, or packages to sit out in the open!


We will put your mail in a designated area for you to easily see and pick up when you arrive home.



Watering plants

Your plants are safe with us! They will be taken care of per your instructions.


You have enough to worry about while you're away, so we'll make sure that your pet and home are taken care of - down to the smallest detail!

Taking out / Bringing in trash

This includes taking trash outside, and refreshing trash bags. Ifnecessary, we will also take the trash out to the curb on trash day!


You have enough to worry about while you're away, so we'll make sure that your pet and home are taken care of - down to the smallest detail!

Field Trips

Your dog will feel as if they're on a mini vacation! 


We will taxi your pet to a dog park or beach of your choice, and spend one hour or more having fun in the sun. We will be equipped with water, snacks, doggy bags, and an extra leash. 


During our time out, you will have access to our exact location (at all times) using GPS tracking.

Alter lights / Thermostat

Before we leave your home, we will make sure to adjust all interior and exterior lights to your comfort.


Save energy by us turning off all the lights and adjusting the air conditioning.

- or - 

Keep unwanted visitors at bay by us turning on certain lights around the home.



At the end of a visit, you'll have a personal timesheet that lists the dates and times of all major events!