Benefits of Dog Walking

       All of our clients and their pets receive first-class care!

Not two dogs are the same - and no two will be treated the same! Which is why Pink Paws Pet Care personally develops a routine suited just for your dog. 

During our initial meet & greet, we will take notice of your dogs breed, as well as gauge their personality and overall health in order to create a general walking routine suited for your dog.

The more vigourous and energetic the dog, the brisker the walk. Your pooch will come home well-exercised and drained, and will come home ready to take a long nap.

Senior dogs, or dogs with weight, joint, and other health issues will instead be taken on a relaxing stroll. During the entirity of our walk, we will be keeping a watchful eye on them to make sure they are doing well and not being overexerted in any way.

More than 90% of each visit will be focused primarily on their walk, and any time afterward will be to give your pup plenty of water and belly-rubs for a job well done!

South Florida weather is no laughing matter - Throughout the year, heat can easily climb to the near 100's. That combined with dense humidity can make it feel closer to 120 degrees! 

Therefore, we will always take the temperature into consideration when it comes to your dog and act accordingly. 

  1. Weight Control - Your curious canine loves to run and exercise. An hour at the park, or a simple 30-minute walk per day can keep his weight in tip-top shape!
  2. Behavioral Development - Social interaction on walks can help any pooch go from wallflower to social butterfly!
  3. Mental Health - Just like us, dogs are susceptible to mental health issues that can be treated with a good diet and, you got it, exercise! Not to mention how boredom can be tough on your dog's mind, not to mention your furniture.
  4. Socialization/Loneliness - Dogs can get pretty lonely cooped up at home all day. Simply getting out of the house everyday to take in all of the sights and smells the world (or neighborhood) has to offer!






Affectionate, Trusted, Caring, Attentive

We at Pink Paws Pet Care believe in positive reinforcement!

We apply a world-renowned psychological method when walking our client's dogs known as positive reinforcement. This method has been proven tried and true for not only pets, but people too!

You will never see us use collars that shock or choke your pets. We feel these do nothing beneficial for dogs, but instead provide physical punishment and torment. Using these collars can lead to severe physical harm, often resulting in scarring, hospitalization, and worse.

Instead, we propose a more modern alternative like breed-specific harnesses to keep them in check.

If your pup is a particularily rowdy fella, "head collars" are a great alternative and don't inflict any pain whatsoever.

Registered & Insured

Veterinary/Medical bills, Lost/Stolen keys, Operations, Property, & more!

Each employee at Pink Paws Pet Care has gone through an extensive

interview process, received proper training, and is insured through

Pet Sitters Associates!