Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Pink Paws Pet Care?
  • Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.
  • Fill out the Pet & Owner Information Form.
    • You can fax or email the completed form to us, or have it ready for us during our scheduled Meet & Greet.
  • Once the form is completed, you may now log in to your Account to create your profile, view your services booked, and even make payments!


What animals do you offer care for?

We care for all breeds of domesticated animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, serpents, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, foxes, arachnids, and of course cats and dogs!

Per request, we are also available for horse care and farm visits.

Do you offer pet boarding?

We do not offer boarding of any kind. 


Pink Paws Pet Care is strictly an in-home pet care company. Meaning, we offer care for your pets in the comfort of their own home, where they are familiar and content with their surroundings. 


Our administrative office is located in Coral Springs, FL.

Who are your pet sitters?

We hire pet care professionals that come to your home to take care of your pets while you're away or otherwise unable to. Pink Paws Pet Care hires independent contractors (IC) that meet our exceptionally high standards

All sitters and walkers with Pink Paws Pet Care must pass a criminal background check, get Pet CPR / First Aid Certified, and consistently attend animal training and behavior classes. 

We had an awful experience with a sitter before, will your company be able to provide greater service?

Unfortunately, we've heard this time and time again.

The short answer is, yes - without a doubt.


We offer industry-leading software that helps to provide the satisfaction of a stress-free process. We have a 5-star rating on all of our pages (Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack, etc.) and plan to keep our reputation the same. 


We have earned an exceptional reputation as a respected pet care company through our expert services, one pet owner at a time. 

We always go the extra mile for our clients and will never stop to go above and beyond for future clients as well.


We are not perfect, but we love our pet clients and will do everything in our power to provide exceptional, first-class care to each and every one.


How do you access my house while I am away?

Our pet care specialists can access your home in many ways.

Depending on the situation, we may take possession of a client's physical key, electronic key, or use their keyless entry system. 


When in possession of Pink Paws Pet Care, all client keys are kept in a safe at our administrative office when not in use. 


Other options are also available if the client is not comfortable with their key leaving their property. One option includes the use of ShurLok lockbox, which is available for purchase at many outlet stores, or through Pink Paws Pet Care for $20. 

If this option is preferred, we require no less than two (2) business days' notice.


Do you accept last-minute requests?

I short, we do


Life is unpredictable, and we always strive to accommodate all last-minute requests. However, we usually begin to book up quite early, so we do recommend that you allow us no less than one (1) weeks' notice for anything other than Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services.


There are never any charges for same day or next day requests. 


During the Summer and Winter months, we can tend to book up quickly, so try to book in advance! 


Note: All service dates requested will be reserved after we receive a 30% deposit.

FAQ's - Pet Sitting

How many visits does my pet need?

That depends entirely on what you think your pet will need. 

During the initial Meet & Greet, we may be able to gauge approximately how many visits, and the length of each visit, based on the information you provide us, as well as the size, breed, and general behavior of your pet. 


Most clients request 2-3 drop-in visits per day. 


For inside dogs, a minimum of two (2) visits per day is standard, however, we are able to come as many as four (4) times per day.

Outside dogs and pets require a minimum of one (1) visit per day.

Crated and confined dogs will require a minimum of three (3) visits a day.

Indoor cats require a minimum of one (1) visit every-other-day.

How many pets are included in your base price?

Our prices reflect the care of up to two (2) pets. 

For cats, the price quoted will remain the same for up to four (4) cats.

For dogs, the price quoted will only increase for the care of three (3) dogs or more.


Pink Paws Pet Care never charges for administering medications, house sitting tasks (like light cleaning), registration, weekends, and most holidays! 


Every single consultation is FREE! Your pets are family, and we understand that you want the best possible care for them, so even if you must see us three times before making your decision, you will never be charged a cent for our meetings. 

Why is your service better than the independent pet sitter?

Pink Paws Pet Care offers reliability, coverage, and security that independent sitters are unable to provide. 


We are a professional pet care company with prompt, excellent customer service along with a team of experienced, trained, and background-checked pet care providers. We are also fully insured, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Are you able to administer medication?

Yes, absolutely. We can administer medications orally and topically, as well as subcutaneous fluids and insulin injections.

Does the same sitter/walker come to my house for each visit?

In short, yes


You will have a primary pet care provider in order to establish a relationship with both you and your pets. Consistency is extremely important to Pink Paws Pet Care, so unless there is an emergency, the same pet care specialist will be there for you and your pets every time.


Although it is extremely rare, if an emergency were to occur, you will have the option of scheduling another free consultation with the new pet care specialist so that you're able to meet with them and feel comfortable with the change,


Your satisfaction is very important to us! 

FAQ's - Dog Walking

My dog is a puller and doesn't behave well when on a leash, can you train him to be better?

Pink Paws Pet Care can certainly train your dog to walk accordingly.


We use tools (Gentle leaders, verbal/sound cues, treats, dog backpacks, etc.) paired with positive reinforcement that is very effective during the training process. 


Consistency is key when training a dog, especially when learning proper behavior during walks. In order to get the best results, we recommend that your dog stays on a regular and persistent schedule consisting of at least three (3) walks per week.

Are midday walks important?

If your dog is well-exercised, the chances of them displaying anxiety, and subsequent destructive behavior, is much less likely to occur. 


Separation anxiety can transpire at any time during a dog's life, no matter the breed. Therefore, it is best to never leave your pooch unattended for too long.


A stimulated dog is a happy dog! 

What time will you walk my dog?

We will walk your dog any time that you request. Walks are generally scheduled between 9 AM and 7 PM.


Dogs can feel heat up to 30 times more than we do. Therefore, if the temperature is expected to reach 90 degrees or more during the time scheduled for their walk, we will either change their walk to the early morning or late evening. 

We will make exceptions according to the situation and may walk your pup before or after our business hours in order for them to get their exercise without the risk of hyperthermia (heatstroke).


Pink Paws Pet Care consistently monitors the weather and radar in order to be sure that your dog is never uncomfortable during our walks.


What will you do if it's raining?

Think of us like the postman; No matter the weather, we'll be there!


However, if the weather poses any danger to your dog or our walkers, we will either come back as soon as the threat is gone or reschedule at the best possible time for you and your pup. 


Being that we are located in South Florida, there is no denying that skies may open up with a downpour in a matter of minutes. We have come across this situation more than once and depending on the weather radar and forecast, we will remain close by your residence until our walker is comfortable with walking your dog.


It also important that we take how your pup feels about being in the rain into consideration. Whereas some absolutely love walking in the rain, others can't stand it.



What do you bring on your walks with my dog?

We are prepared for anything when walking your dog. In our packs, we have:


One (1) extra leash


Portable water dispenser

Extra water bottle

Potty bags



Our walkers are always wearing a Pink Paws Pet Care shirt during all pet sitting and dog walking visits.

Do you provide "pack walks"?

We do not provide walks where there are additional dogs other than your own. Dogs do best when they are on individual walks versus being in a large group with other dogs they are not familiar with. 


Pack walks have the tendency to create an environment that is chaotic and unsafe by bunching several dogs into a large group. Additionally, these types of walks increase the chance of dogs getting free or the walker, the dogs, and even other people getting injured.

Do you use choke, shock, or prong collars?

Pink Paws Pet Care strongly believes in positive reinforcement. Under no circumstances will we use a choke, shock, prong collar, or any variation of these. 


We recommend an alternative solution that is better suited for your dog and their personality, behavior, and walking form. 



FAQ's - Miscallaneous

Should I tip?

Our pet care specialists are delighted to receive monetary gifts for your appreciation. We've had clients tip during the holidays, some after each visit, and others have given gifts.


Treat our pet care services as you would any other service.


Nothing is ever expected, but it is absolutely appreciated!

Do you charge Holiday Fees?

We value family at Pink Paws Pet Care, so the only times a holiday fee will occur is during Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.


Money is tight during the holidays, therefore, the additional fee for certain holidays is 50% of the original price. 

For example, if you book a standard (30-minute) drop-in visit at $23, the price will be increased to $34.50.


You will never be charged additionally for any other holiday!

How do I know if you actually showed up?

Every single pet care provider with Pink Paws Pet Care is extremely professional 


We only hire responsible pet professionals. We are EXTREMELY picky about who works for us. To help our sitters do their job properly, we use industry leading scheduling software that shows visit start and end times; it also uses GPS to track and display walk and taxi services. Once the visit is completed the sitter sends an update including photos and a report card to an activity feed in your personal portal for you to review.


We will also provide a physical Timesheet and Report Card for you that will be left at the home upon request.

How will you bill me?

Pink Paws Pet Care accepts all forms of payment including cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo, and all major credit and debit cards.


Invoices are not due the first day of service. Instead, we request a 30% deposit on to book the requested times, and the remaining amount is due (no more than) 24 hours after the final service date.


We also accept partial payments.

What is your cancellation policy?

For one-time visits, you will receive a 100% refund if the service is canceled within 24-hours. 


For services that consist of three (3) or more days, you will receive a 70% refund if the service is canceled within 72 hours. 

What if my pet has a medical emergency?

Pink Paws Pet Care has an on-call veterinary technician for nonlife-threatening emergencies. 


If your pet becomes ill or there is another sort of a medical emergency, your pet will be taken to your preferred Vet or Animal Hospital listed on our Veterinary / Medical Release Form. We will not make any decisions on your behalf unless we are unable to contact both you and your emergency contact, or are otherwise indicated on the form.