Our Praise

Pink Paws Pet Care is a 10 out of 10!

For us, there is no other option!

- Sal B.

- Holly Lewis

I have been looking for a competent and reliable pet sitter in Coral Springs for years and can say I FINALLY FOUND IT! Mae and Pink Paws Pet Care are unequivocally the BEST pet sitter service I have ever used. In addition to Mae's compassion and obvious love of animals, her attention to detail, communication and overall service is unparalleled.

Additionally, her experience is evident by the issues she addresses before she ever provides pet care. While we don't currently have any difficult issues with our pets I would be 100% confident that Mae could handle whatever extra or special needs we would have either personally or through her resource network. Although I don't want Mae to have so much business she can't handle our needs, lol, I give Pink Paws Pet Care my highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed.

- Colleen Holden

"Highly professional. Exceeded our expectations.

Will definitely hire again and again!"

- Hans Nilsson

"Pink Paws Pet Care is wonderful! My baby Brie was well cared for and happy upon our return. Mae is professional and organized ! Will use her again!"

- Lisa Shelton

"I travel a lot due to my work. And when I do I always use Mae at Pink Paws Pet Care. She is always very attentive to my puppy and is always available at last minute (I sometimes don't have much notice when I have to leave town). She is always in a wonderful mood and never late for a visit. I love the picture updates and short summaries she sends, and the FaceTime visits are great when I'm missing her. I know whenever I have to leave town, my little girl is always well taken care of."

- S.V.

"Very, very professional"

- K. Lawson


I used Pink Paws Pet Care for the first time and was SO HAPPY with the results! Mae is amazing at whats she does. She's extremely passionate and detailed when it comes to her work. I was a bit nervous giving someone access to my dog and my house but Mae's passion and personality put those concerns to rest quickly.I highly recommend Pink Paws Pet Care!


- Jason S.

We absolutely love Pink Paws services. We are impressed with the quality and how much love the company owner Mae puts into every visit and walk. She takes care of our baby Bells like she is her own. Mae sends reports about the time she spends with your pet including a map of her walk, how many minutes, if they did potties and how many times, if she freshened it’s water, they toys they played with, multiple pictures of your pet, etc. Not even a child sitter is as detailed as Mae. I used her services twice for a short week of and the second time for an entire week. I would definitely use her services again and would recommend her to anyone. I can guarantee you you’ll have piece of mind while you are away because you know Mae will take care and love your pet like her own.

- Maria Venegas

Absolutely wonderful! Mae brings all the best elements to work with her everyday. She always has a smile, she's very passionate about the happiness and safety of animals, she's very knowledgeable of her client's needs and is very consistent with providing amazing service!

Mae takes good care of my husband's reptiles, our bird, and runs our doberman twice a day!

We're lucky to have found her!

- Monica Lane

Let me start by saying... 

my fur-babies are my EVERYTHING.

I do just as much research when choosing a vet, groomer, pet sitter, etc for my pets, as I would do for myself when choosing a doctor, hair stylist, etc.  Not only am I putting my pets care in the hands of someone else, I am also trusting them with my house keys and having access to my belongings.
I did my research and decided upon Pink Paws Pet Care and Ms. Mae.  

When Mae arrived during our initial meeting, I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew she would provide excellent care for my babies.  Mae was extremely professional, asked tons of questions regarding my pets eating habits, play habits, etc.  Asked who their veterinarian was, asked if there were any medications to be given etc.
Needless to say, at the end of our initial meeting, I was more than impressed by Mae's professionalism and her thoroughness in regards to the questions she asked.  I was more than comfortable with leaving my babies in her care.

While I was on vacation and Mae was caring for my babies, I received a very thorough email every day detailing the events that occurred during her visit, along with pictures of my babies.  I have three kitties  with very different personalities and behaviors.  The things Mae would write to me in her report could only be written by someone who played and interacted with my babies.  

At the end of the day, I was able to relax and enjoy my vacation knowing my babies were receiving excellent care and were well taken care of by Mae.  I highly recommend Pink Paw Pet Care and Mae and will certainly be calling Mae again.  Not only did Mae provide great care to my pets, she also took care of my trash on pick up day, put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, dusted my tv stand, and swept around my kitties litter box and feeding area.

I cannot express in words how impressed I was with the service Mae provided.  She went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations.  It was clear to me that Mae truly enjoys and loves what she does.

- Erika Porter

Mae is an organized experienced professional in every sense and a genuinely nice person, [I] feel very comfortable with leaving my cats and home in her care!

- Mario C

We recently started using Pink Paws and cannot say enough about the company and Mae's attention to detail and professionalisim. Our pets were extremely well cared for while we were away. 

If you're looking for honest, competent, professional pet sitting, you have found the right company!

- Amy Carlson